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September 14, 2017 3:20 PM


Partial Rescind Boil Water Notice - Portions of Mainland ONLY
The precautionary boil water notice of the Cocoa Water System - Mainland for areas within Port St. John, Cocoa, Viera, Rockledge and Suntree has been partially rescinded. Customers must check the following address list. If your address appears on this list, then the boil water notice is still in effect. If you do not fall within the addresses listed below, then your boil water notice is rescinded and is safe to drink.
The following areas will remain under boil water notice due to main breaks.
38-46 Berkley Square, Rockledge
48 Park Avenue, Rockledge
2402-2426 Auburn Drive, Cocoa
2502-2531 Auburn Drive, Cocoa
2202-2235 Dartmouth Drive, Cocoa
2202-2314 Mercer Drive, Cocoa
2227 and 2303 Michigan Avenue, Cocoa
1801-1876 Baylor Court, Cocoa
1305-1428 College Avenue, Cocoa
2004-2029 Cooper Drive, Cocoa
1824 Dixon Boulevard, Cocoa
1901-1937 Exeter Drive, Cocoa
1905-1975 Furman Court, Cocoa
1905-2109 Ivy Drive, Cocoa
2000-2029 Rollins Drive, Cocoa
1400-1416 Stetson Circle East, Cocoa
1420-1432 Stetson Circle North, Cocoa
1406-1460 Stetson Circle West, Cocoa
1322-1330 Stetson Court, Cocoa
1401-1429 Stetson Drive East, Cocoa
1301-1365 Stetson Drive South, Cocoa
3996-4037 Fairwood Street, Cocoa
280 and 300 Maplewood Boulevard, Cocoa
301 and 311 Woodlake Avenue, Cocoa
1546-1680 Clearlake Road, Cocoa
1550-1554 University Lane, Cocoa
1268-1278 Troon Way, Rockledge
1139-1223 Wentworth Circle, Rockledge
899-1026 Barclay Drive, Cocoa
11 Highview Drive, Cocoa
3102 Moss Drive, Cocoa
2901-3414 North Indian River Drive, Cocoa
3089 Sunset Lane, Cocoa
109-111 Sunset Terrace, Cocoa
307-413 North Indian River Drive, Cocoa
11 Parkway Street, Cocoa
1210-1517 Cambridge Drive, Cocoa
1501 Emory Lane, Cocoa
901 Avon Place, Cocoa
604-720 Prospect Avenue, Cocoa
812 and 902 West Highland Drive, Cocoa
409-439 Barbara Jenkins Street, Cocoa
1896-1971 Fabien Circle, Melbourne
2010-2040 Jana Court, Melbourne
873-879 Pine Baugh Street, Rockledge
870 and 872 Spirea Drive, Rockledge
6305 and 6315 Depot Avenue, Cocoa
4660 and 4700 Fay Boulevard, Cocoa
6313 6499 Hunt Road, Cocoa
4876 Alfred Street, Cocoa
4875 and 4915 Greenhill Street, Cocoa
6580 and 6588 Stillwater Avenue, Cocoa
10 and 11 Bayshore Court, Rockledge
1701-1849 Rockledge Drive, Rockledge

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