Reserve Officers

The Rockledge Police Department’s Reserve and Auxiliary Officer Program is comprised of community members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time sworn police officers. Their primary responsibility is to supplement the Department’s efforts in the prevention and detection of crime and the general enforcement of laws while assigned specific police duties. The Reserve and Auxiliary officers will also perform those vital functions that are necessary to assist full-time officers in emergency situations. The Reserve and Auxiliary officers are required to complete much of the same training as fulltime officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations.

These motivated citizens contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life in their community. Their law enforcement background and experience coupled with their insight into the city’s neighborhoods enables them to be extremely effective spokespersons in our community. 

At the Rockledge Police Department there is a distinction between an Auxiliary Police Officer and a Reserve Police Officer. The Auxiliary Police Officer is employed or appointed without compensation, who aids or assists a full-time or part-time Law Enforcement Officer and who, while under the direct supervision of a full-time Law Enforcement Officer, has the authority to arrest and perform law enforcement functions. Whereas, a Reserve Police Officer is considered a part-time Law Enforcement Officer who is employed or appointed less than full-time, with or without compensation, who is vested with the authority to bear arms and make arrests and whose primary responsibility is the prevention and detection of crime or the enforcement of penal, criminal, traffic or highway laws of the state. Both Reserve and Auxiliary Officers are bonded with public liability protection equal to that provided to full-time officers, and are subject to and in accordance with the limitations set forward in the appropriate Florida statutes.

How do the Reserve and Auxiliary officers fit into the organization of the Rockledge Police Department? The Rockledge Police Department’s Recruitment Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all of the Reserve and Auxiliary officers receive the Florida mandated training and firearms qualifications annually. They perform routine day-to-day activities under the supervision and direction of the patrol shift supervisor. Depending upon the specific assignments, the duties may include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • Assisting patrol officers in safely directing vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Assist in controlling crowds at major events, gatherings, disasters, and any other special occasions which may cause a large crowd to assemble or traffic to congest.
  • Enforce laws and ordinances directly related to their current assignment.
  • Perform related duties as assigned in the Rockledge Police Departmental Standard Operation Policy manual regarding Auxiliary and Reserve Police Officers.

The certification process for Auxiliary Officers differs from the process required for Reserve Officers. The Auxiliary Officer must meet the following requirements: 

  • Successfully complete the 102-hour Auxiliary Officer Prerequisite Course, which includes the 48-hour Medical First Responder Training Course.
  • Successfully complete the 64-hour Criminal Justice Weapons and the 106-hour Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics High Liability Training Courses. The optional 32-hour Vehicle Operations Training Course shall be taught if required by the Department.
  • Successfully complete the Police Auxiliary Certification Examination.

The Reserve Officer must meet the following requirements: 

  • Comply with the eligibility requirements established for full-time police officers.
  • Meet minimum standards established by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

Both Reserve Officers and Auxiliary Officers must comply with mandatory retraining for continuing educational requirements and participate in regular in-service training.

Candidates for positions as Auxiliary Police Officers or Reserve Police Officers must meet the above listed minimum qualifications and pass all applicable background checks. The Rockledge Police Department Recruitment Coordinator will review the applicants and make a recommendation to the Chief of Police, who is responsible for final approval on all candidates.

At the Rockledge Police Department, both Auxiliary Police Officers and Reserve Police Officers are required to attend the same statutorily required in-service training on the use of lethal and non-lethal weapons as full-time officers. Additionally, they are required to receive training on the use of force and to successfully complete annual firearms qualifications. Occasionally, additional in-service training is identified by the Rockledge Police Department as mandatory training, and the Auxiliary Police Officers and Reserve Police Officers will be required to attend.

The personnel selected to enter into the Auxiliary and Reserve Programs must be prepared to commit a minimum of 8 hours each month or 24 hours each quarter in order to maintain their status in the program. Failure to report for duty for 60 consecutive days will generally result in removal from the program.  Time spent in in-service training will be applied toward the monthly minimum time.

The City of Rockledge and the Rockledge Police Department invites you to consider a second career in one of Brevard County's finest law enforcement agencies.  For additional details concerning the Rockledge Police Department’s Police Reserve and Auxiliary Officer Program, contact Sergeant Chris Crawford at (321) 690-3988 ext. 3112.